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Targeting LRG-1 in ophthalmology


Normalisation of pathological neovascularisation in opthalmic disease

Pathological neovascularisation has been implicated in a range of ophthalmic diseases such as ‘wet’ age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular oedema and a number of rare diseases of the retina. Profs John Greenwood and Steve Moss of the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology have developed a therapeutic approach aimed at normalising disordered blood vessels in these diseases, using antibody-based products against a protein target which promotes vascular destabilisation and uninhibited blood-vessel formation in pathology. A UCLTF-funded Proof of Concept project validated the commercial and regulatory pathways to clinical application, and the Fund is supporting a new spinout to take the ophthalmology program forward into crucial toxicology studies ahead of a first-in-man clinical trial.